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Are you craving for authentic sushi from home? Good news here! Introducing sushi delivery, a one-stop online shop offers Singaporean the top-graded sushi, fresh sashimi, hearty rice bowls and bento sets. They have 7 commercial kitchens located island-wide and experienced chefs to prepare those sushi and sashimi. Sushi delivery ensures that the foods you ordered are delivered to your doorstep within 45 minutes.

Japanese cuisine at homefresh sashimi from sushi delivery Singapore

having Japanese food at home

Although Sushi Delivery Singapore is fully operating in an e-commerce environment but their sushi are as good as you dine-in a Japanese restaurant. Likewise, all their sashimi and sushi ingredients are air-flown from Japan daily. They also have experienced chefs to prepare your Japanese cuisine orders.

If you are having a problem thinking about what to eat for the day, you can simply check out their website for their chef recommendations. I believe by one-look, you will get what you want! There will be a delivery charge of $5.90 if your order is below $60. However, for those who have ordered above $60, the delivery is free.

sushi delivery sell premium and fresh sushi

My verdict:

Time for sushi party at home! I amazed by their website which offers a wide range of premium sushi for me to select. Glad that sushi delivery had satisfied my craving during this stay home period. I am still able to get my favourite authentic sushi without stepping out of my house. To add on, there is no minimum order required for the delivery. And, if you find the sashimi not fresh, you can replace it immediately for free.

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