NYP Dance Company Production – Moving On’ 2011 at Theatre for the Arts


Few days back, Danial, Eleanor and I attended school event – NYP Dance Company Production – Moving On’ 2011 at the NYP Theatre for the Arts hall. Thanks Eleanor for the invitation, very glad to see many nice dance choreography performances on stage.

There were the experienced dance expertise people who performed their dance choreography in many outdoor stage performance. Nice to see their choreography which contain their very own theme in it.

Total of nine performances, other than NYP, there also include a dance group from St. Anthony’s Canossian Secondary school modern dance club. Their success and confidence inspired me in moving on as well as throughout the whole performance, I will like to conclude a word called “Teamwork”.

Without any help of words, we can just simple visualize with our own eyes.

“Life is like a dance, from one stage to another.” I totally agree with this sentence quoted by their handout given. Work hard dancers and you guys will shine your dance on the gorgeous stage one day.