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Hey People! Welcome back once again…Here my food blog post for today. [Glitterati Plus] Lunch Sponsored at Mushroom Pot! Yesterday, went to Mushroom Pot located at OG orchard point for food tasting together with 10 Glitterati Plus Members.

My first time visiting Mushroom Pot and was great to say that, i get to know so many different type of mushroom. haha…Steamboat with mushroom soup, variety of side dishes, get to see wild mushroom and many more!

This how the internal of Mushroom Pot Restaurant look like…Pretty cool and nice decoration environment for people to have their lunch or dinner here…As you keep scrolling down this blog post, you will see different type of dishes we eaten yesterday! ^^

Wild Mushrooms with Thai Spices

Crispy Squid with Wasabi sauce

House Special Beef

Monkey Head Mushroom with House Dressing

Mushroom Rolls

Shrimp Spring Roll

Fried Buns

Wild Mushroom Fried Rice

Saw those nice 特色小吃 food above? They were Mushroom Pot House Special dishes which Recommended by their chef! haha…Oh yeah, next we have…Our Main food taste of the day! Steamboat! Woohoo…5 different type of mushroom you can see below…I forgot those 菇 name!

Here were the 菜料…Seem like very 丰富 right? Yes! It is! haha..

Put everything into steamboat, cook it awhile and we were ready to eat it. Very delicious steamboat we have for our lunch…一次过吃下六到八道不同菜料,把我地肚子填的饱饱,嘴里吃得津津有味!哈哈。。。赞!I like it 😀

Glitterati Plus Nuffnanger

We ate for almost 2 hours and here coming to the end…Not so soon cause we still have our last dessert dish. Yay! No regret eating my dessert but i *forgot all the dessert name*…lols…Taste Very nice lor! i want to go there eat again…haha

Here my Hazelnut chocolate!

[Glitterati Plus] Group Picture at Mushroom Pot

Once again, thanks nuffnang for the invitation to Mushroom Pot! I guess everyone had enjoyed their lunch steamboat and glad to see and taste many different type of mushroom too. haha…This my first time eating so many mushroom for my lunch meal…lols…I call it a day after all.

Below here are the links you can visit:
Mushroom Pot Official Website: [Mushroom Pot]
More picture uploaded to my facebook: [Click Here]

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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  1. EH.

    U blog this make me so want to head down to Mushroom pot now.

    All mushrooms de… not nice 😛

    But the Hazelnut chocolate IS YUMS YUMS !!!

    Nice time for dinner now.

  2. Nikel Khor: yup! We used about 2 hours to finish up all the food…haha…Hmm..tat one i not sure, you nid to check with ur NN there 😛 haha

  3. Henry: haha yup! is really yummy!! ^^ hmm…Glitterati Plus is actually part of nuffnang group…will explain to you more once it officially launch. =D