Noise Singapore 2010


Noise Singapore Media Launch Party

Have you heard of Noise Singapore? What Noise do you wanna make? For me, i want to make noise on Photography! haha…Yes! Attended an event yesterday invited by nuffnang to Noise Singapore Media Launch Party at raffles city level 3.

What’s this noise about? What Noise do you wanna make?

Nuffnang GlitteratiPlus members were invited to this media launch close event. First of all, we have an introducing of the noise sg and media tour. Exploring the different views of artistic design and music.

I am impressed by those professional art design and one thing i could say that will be…’There are many talent people everywhere’. Coming out with a design is easy but make it unique is not easy…

We were told to sit or walk around the area and feel free to colour our own creativity on the paper they provided.

Did some photography shoot at this event..They are different in angles!

After the whole event, Me,Carlsson,Joanna,Amanda,Shufen and Thiang went to Thai Express for our dinner. Nice to meet new bloggers..Although time were short but i had a great time chatting with them…Hope to see them soon! ^^

Afterall, i call it a day. Thanks nuffnang for the invitation once again!…Noise Singapore Exhibition is now open to public. If you are the one who interested in photography,art and music design, feel free to make your way down to raffles city level 3 to explore the creativity artwork by those professional.

Nuffnang Bloggers Group Photo

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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