No Stigma Attached: Contact lenses can Aid Astigmatism


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Suffering from Astigmatism can be a major headache, in both senses of the word. Even if we are not office workers working in front of a screen from 9-5, many of us still regularly look at television or computer screens for several hours each day, whether at home or at work. We all know that headache and sense of fatigue that come with sitting for too long in front of a screen, but this is something which is exacerbated with Astigmatism. Our lifestyle therefore demands a solution.

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Blurred vision is another symptom for people with Astigmatism, as they have several focal points. This is because the front part of the eye, the cornea, has an irregular shape, which means the light passing through it is bent unequally towards the back of the eye, so that it focuses at different points, causing the blurring. The headaches are a result of this, as the sufferer has to squint a lot to try and focus on one point. It is also linked to having near or far sightedness. However, the real question is whether or not contact lenses can help with Astigmatism given that historically sufferers have seen glasses as the best solution.

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Since their invention, contact lenses have been used as an alternative to glasses to combat problems such as short sightedness, so it is not surprising that new developments focus further on other vision problems as well as style and comfort. However, recently, people who suffer from Astigmatism have had their eye on Toric contact lenses, a type of Astigmatism Contact Lenses that focus directly on combatting this problem.

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These lenses not only do the job of improving short and far sightedness, but can also help overcome the symptoms of Astigmatism, such as the blurred vision and headaches. The contact lens corrects the refraction error which means that the wearer will only have one focal point instead of several. This new technology allows Astigmatism contact lenses to be a real option for those who suffer from it and they can now make their own choice in the glasses versus contact lens debate.