New Ruhens Home Electrolyser Sterilizer Clean Almost Everything at Home

Water Electrolyser

water Electrolyser

Ruhens unveil its latest WCE-200 Water Electrolyser to ensure your home is safe and clean at all time. It is a convenient, eco-friendly home sterilizer with the capabilities to remove 99% germs and bacteria. With this, homeowners can make their own electrolytic water with sterilizing properties to clean almost anything with just water and salt; including furniture, appliances, clothes, shoes, as well as to sanitize hands, remove odour from refrigerator, shoe cabinets and more.

Ruhens Home Electrolyser Sterilizer

A Powerful Cleaning Solution

• The hypochlorous acid in the electrolyzed water eliminates different types of bacteria, germs, fungi
• Safe for everyone to use, even for babies as it does not contain alcohol
• Useful cleaning agent for the home. It can be used to clean tables, fabrics, shoes and even difficult to wash items like carpets and sofas
• Deodorizing properties to keep the house smelling fresh by eliminating odours
• Remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables

home Sterilizer

Caring For Your Loved Ones And The Environment

• It can be repeatedly used to create as many batches of electrolyzed water as needed
• As the by-product of the electrolysis process is purely electrolyzed water, no extra waste liquids or harsh chemicals are released into the environment through usage.
• After every batch of electrolyzed water is completed, the Electrolyser will automatically turn off itself after 60 seconds. This helps with electricity savings as well!

Ruhens Electrolyser

Quick and User-Friendly

• Ruhens Electrolyser is easy-to-use, quick, and convenient. Each batch of electrolyzed water will take only 1-3 minutes to complete.

The Electrolyser is now available at Ruhens’ showroom and is retailing at $280.