New Launch Portfolio Advertising Website HPILITY.SG

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Hpility new launch a portfolio and advertising website at . This web domain was bought since August year 2011 and after filtering through all the possibility, today it has officially launched for the public.

This magazine theme website comes with 1 slider image header above with the basic navigation buttons, Page layout in 2 column design and slightly simple clear cut with its light tone colour. As for its content, it will be image thumbnail followed by a few sentences from the paragraph which I wrote and when users click the link of the text, they will be redirect to see the full article post. Thus, it also includes a footer layer which show recent posts, comments and achieves. In addition, it supports PHP Script, HTML5, Flash and JavaScript.

I believe that most of my followers/Readers will know that I have a lifestyle blog which run at Well, Hpility Blog will be basically post about my personal life and lifestyle events which I had attended with friends. Whereas, Hpility SG will be focusing more on my portfolio artwork which I been done for the past few years as well as a little combination of online advertising on branding and events happen around the region.

The different between HPILITY BLOG and HPILITY SG:
– Website page layout design
– Perspective view of content
– Target Audience
– Categorization

“The idea of combining Portfolio and Advertise is to reach out the public by making a new trend of social media for the youngest to market themselves as they can showcase their portfolio artwork (Design, Short Film, Modeling, etc…) which they have been done so far, by publishing them in their website and at the same time they can advertise themselves through using the inbuilt of social media. “ – Hpility Yeo

Likewise, I would like to special thanks to my good buddy – YEO TERENCE (Web Consultant) who helping me in managing the back-end script of website. This website won’t be successfully launched without his help.

Last but not least, I would like to thanks everyone who been supporting, reading and visiting for the past 5 years. Today, is officially launched; I hope that, there will be more readers and contributor coming into this website.

For more information, please visit: