New Flavours of Handmade Snowskin Mooncakes at Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy

Snowskin mooncakes

Get ready to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival this year! Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy introduces their new series of snowskin mooncakes; Banana Chocolate, Salted Sea Caramel, Sakura and Green Tea with Melon Seeds. Those new flavours are handmade by Executive Chef Lester Wang and available from 16 August to 13 September 2019.

Banana Chocolate snowskin mooncake

Banana Chocolate snowskin mooncake is one of the highlights at Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy. Encrusted in the marble white and yellow snowskin is a combination of dark chocolate and banana bits. The banana bits are marinated based on Executive Chef Lester Wang’s own recipe. The result is a wonderful combination of semi bitter and fragrant with the natural sweetness of banana.

Another top seller is the Durian snowskin mooncake. The filling is concocted based on a secret recipe and resembles close to the iconic taste of the king of fruits. Each bite promises a burst of authentic durian flesh along with the soft texture of handmade snowskin.

Sakura with Melon Seeds

If you would like to go for light and fragrant tastebuds, then you might want to consider either the Sakura or Green Tea with Melon Seeds. The Sakura is inspired by the popular cherry blossom season in Japan during spring. Enjoy its sweet taste with a slight hint of floral fragrance. Alternative, Green Tea with melon seeds is another excellent choice with its refreshing aftertaste.

traditional baked mooncakes

Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy hotel is also offering the traditional baked mooncakes with semi-sweet white lotus. Their 3 signature choices are; White Lotus with Macadamia Nuts, Imperial Assorted Nuts and White Lotus with Single Egg Yolk.

Guests can purchase the mooncakes from Wave Café, Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant or from the booth at the hotel lobby.

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