New Eco-Friendly Sandwich Case by Lexngo

Lexngo Sandwich Case

How often do you use and throw away a used plastic item? For example, drinking straws, boxes, and water bottles. I believe many of us do have a habit of disposing an used plastic item, which may cause harmful effects to the environment. In this article, I will be sharing with you a product that can be reused in a creative way.

Sandwich Case by Lexngo


Introducing Lexngo, a company that manufactures and designs eco-friendly daily essentials and lifestyle products to fulfill consumers’ needs. They operate their B2C and B2B businesses simultaneously to protect the world we live in. Lexngo offers a wide range of products include grocery and storage bags, lunch boxes, drinking straws which are made from silicone.

Good news to share today! A few weeks ago, I received a sandwich box from Lexngo. It’s made from silicone and the bottom is Polypropylene (PP). You can roll the silicone cover, twist it and make it into a pocket-size. This makes it very portable to carry.

silicone sandwich box

silicone cover

pace-saving storage sandwich box

This sandwich box comes with three colours of pink, blue and green. The space-saving storage provides a practical yet stylish alternative to single-use plastics. Hence, it is perfect for keeping your sandwiches and snacks and can be reused anytime when you need it. Want to warm or chill your food? Not to worry! You can put the silicone sandwich box in the microwave or refrigerator to warm or chill your food.

Have you thought of transforming a drinking straw into a bracelet in a split second? Check out Lexngo official website to learn more about how to reuse, reduce, and recycle a product. Let’s help to save our earth by keeping our environment clean and green.

The silicone sandwich box is pricing at $20 and is available at

The Photos above thanks to Photographer Tan Geng Hui