New Digital Tea Experience for TWG Tea Lovers


TWG Tea Digital

Singapore’s TWG Tea is launching a global omnichannel eCommerce website and by-invitation-only membership programme, in conjunction with its 10th anniversary.

This venture invites customer to an immersive digital tea experience! Customers can get to purchase the full range of more than 800 blends of tea; even for countries where there is no brick-and-mortar TWG outlets

The global website and membership programme will roll out across international markets progressively this year; with plans to increase to 18 international hubs by 2020.

TWG eCommerce Website

Global Omni-Channel eCommerce Website

Designed with the customer in mind; the global site features a chic and modern user interface which complements and mirrors the brand’s now-signature in-store experience. Built in platform tools, such as a customised gifting guide; a bespoke service for selecting tea tins for packaging loose teas; and a tea connoisseur function recommending the perfect teas to suit your taste, fully enhanced the user experience. Other features include product highlights, engaging videos, and news and updates on industry trends.

The site provides vast information about the products TWG Tea carries, allowing customers to better understand its extensive range of over 800 fine harvest and hand-crafted tea blends, as well as signature tea accessories and delicate tea-infused treats. Customers on the eCommerce platform also benefits from special website-only rates and promotions. Through this seamless and improved experience in the way TWG Tea communicates with its customers, the eCommerce website is expected to contribute towards 15% of sales in Singapore, excluding business-to-business over the next three years.

TWG Membership Programme

Global MyTWG Membership Programme

Tapping on the latest technologies; TWG Tea’s omni-channel, by-invitation-only membership programme will captured all details of the customer’s interaction with the brand offline and online. The “MyTWG” membership programme, designed to be personal and rewarding, features Green and Gold tier membership. MyTWG members will gain exclusive access to a member-only platform and are entitled to special privileges and global rewards redeemable both online or in-store.

International Expansion

This revolutionary global platform will soon include subsites featuring local shipping, payment platforms, inventories, and customer service centres dedicated to TWG Tea customers in China, Japan and Europe, with other locations to follow. As the overseas travelers contributed to 33% of sales in TWG Tea boutiques, these localized platforms will allow TWG Tea to manage the brand’s exports on every frontier and extend their iconic experience a with its international database of customers.