NEA Litter Muncher at Holland Village


If you have follow my twitter or read my past previous blog post about NEA Litter Muncher, you guys will know that some happening at Holland village during 2 days back which was Saturday (21/08). Yess!! Nuffnang GlitteratiPlus at Holland Village to complete this important mission!

First of all, we was told to take with the Muncher found at Holland Village by using our mobile phone or camera. Next, we proceed on to Wala Wala and show the picture to the person in charge to exchange a 1 on1 free drink coupon. Quite a smooth and fast process and we got our free drinks on hand as we chill out at Wala Wala. After all, nice meet up and having a great time with the GlitteratiPlus members and i call it a day.

Well, do check it out at this website: if you want to find out more about NEA Litter Muncher!

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