Natvia Natural Sweetener Launch in Singapore


Nativa, the natural sweetener from Australia had launched in Singapore, using the best part of stevia plant combined with naturally occurring nectar known as Erythritol. It is 100% natural, GM Free, and suitable for all range group of people.

Some of artificial sweetener have a bitter aftertaste, but not for native. Hence, this natural sweetener is diabetic friendly and of low calories. Furthermore, it has no chemical in it and with a beautifully natural sweet and clean taste, it complements dessert baking and coffee & tea drinking.

So how does Natvia fare?

We had a chance to compare Natvia and X-brand sweetener during the event. We realised that Natvia is finer and smoother in texture and without a bitter aftertaste,  as compared to the X-brand sweetener.

Natvia is not only great for coffee, tea, but also great for baking. You probably can’t imagine! Recipes are readily available at Natvia’s Sweeter Life Club.

Natvia is now available in Singapore and available for retail sales at Drips Bakery Café.  If you prefer online shopping, you can make your purchase The Fitness Grocer.
Photos Credit: Derrick See