National Day 2010


Hello people! Welcome back to my blog! Its Singapore 45th Birthday and i guess by now you have enjoyed the 45th celebration since last night. If you have follow my twitter or read my past previous blog post, you guys will know that i celebrated national day with my cousin and family this year.

Quite a sunny hot weather while i heading down to raffles place area to meet my cousin (Qingyi) and we visited Asian Civilisation Museum (ACM). First time visiting ACM, feel kinda interesting to see those history around the world. Thus, me and my cousin keep spamming photo in this museum..

I’m a Super Mighty Hero!

Got this chance to help my cousin to do some photoshoot too… haha… Actually i didnt know that there many small area places in this museum which good for photoshoot until i visit it… Cool Stuff! ^^

Playing with sunlight and shadow

We must learn from history to create mystery

Back to ‘camping’ place! haha yeah! we camp here for almost 5 hours before the #NDP2010 start… Trying to get good views for some Tank, Marching and fireworks performance. Damn Crowded as time past by, many people just came over to wait for fireworks…

What so special about this year national day celebration? haha Yess! Performance of Singapore Army Tanks and other Armour fighting vehicle having their ‘road tour’ around some part of Singapore. Some army vehicle i first time seeing it too…

Lets join in the force

#NDP2010 performance going on inside the Padang stadium. While outside the stadium, Group by group of solider marching out from the stadium, whereas audience (including me) were busying taking their ‘formal group’ marching photo. Huge group with unity spirits in it!

Time coming to the end of celebration, fireworks the last performance to end this celebration. Love to see fireworks every time when there a grand celebration in Singapore and this year they make a different again… ^^

Well, Of course i took more photo than the picture i posted in my blog post… Do visit my facebook album to see more about #NDP2010 celebration photo. Feel Free to add me as friend too! National Day 2010 Photo: [Click Here]| Fireworks video: [Click Here]

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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