My Shopping Experience on TAOBAO SEA


Hi Readers! Are you an online shopaholic? Or maybe I should ask, do you shop at TaoBao online often? Well, it has been a long time since my last online shopping which I really can’t remember how many years ago. Today I am glad that TaoBao, the China’s largest online shopping site is now in Southeast Asia known as TaoBao Southeast Asia (SEA) and honest speaking, although I have heard TaoBao before but this my first time doing an online shopping at TaoBaoSEA.

I always like to buy the latest fashion, creative and unique stuff. TaoBao is an online heaven market place for me to shop for the items I want and need, whereby it has a wide-range category provides more than over thousands of variety in its fashionable trend, digital technology, lifestyle usage, luxury branded kinds of stuff and entertainment leisure.

Likewise, my mind got juiced up when I first look at the TaoBao website! Good to see that everything is well categorized and with the help of English translation on a certain page, it makes it easier to browse, buy, and purchase an item from the website. Not to mention that I actually used 3 days to learn the process of their new overseas dealing system (International forwarding service) and today, I will be sharing about my online shopping experience at Taobao.

First of all, you need to register a TaoBao account in order for you to buy anything from the website. So, how to register? Is very simple… Check out the screenshot guide on how to register a TaoBao account here…

Enter a username and password to start! You can choose to receive your verification code through email or mobile on the next page. That’s it! You have now successfully created a TaoBao account! Now move on to the next step… which is shopping time!!! Yay! However, don’t panic… I know are more than a million items on TaoBao, all you need is to take out SOME time to browse through the site and buy what you want!

Likewise, a useful tool you guys may use is the SEARCH function tool indicates at the top of TaoBao website. I like to use the ‘SEARCH’ function as it makes me more convenient in finding the item I want.

When it comes to shopping, I usually like to shop for fashionable and trendy shirts and shoes as well as given with great discount promotion. Lol… Sound kind of aunties but is always good to buy something worth wearing. Don’t you agree? Haha…

After selecting the item you want and added them to the shopping cart, the next you have to do is to make a payment. Yes!! One thing that has attracted me was the extra security features added to TaoBao website. Every step you chosen is recorded in the system, including the money payment and more. It is definitely a safe way to purchase your TaoBao goods via credit card or any other online payment.

Here comes the important part! You people must be wondering how the TaoBao items delivered all way from China to your doorstep… Here it is! Before confirming the purchased item, you need to select a delivery International forwarding service. Question is… How to use the International forwarding service after the seller ships your purchases to the International forwarding service warehouse?

On the billing section, you will see this ‘Use International Forwarding Service’, select the option, and choose an overseas delivery service. There are a total of 4 different types of delivery services and for me, I had chosen the 4PX service. It took about 4-6 working days to deliver the goods to your doorstep. Awesome! ^^

In summary:
You can set up the option to receive SMS notifications when your orders have arrived at the warehouse in China. When all your orders are ready for consolidation and shipping to Singapore, navigate to 已买到的宝贝 > 国际转运 (My items > International forwarding) to choose the items that you want to 合并 (combine) into a single consolidated package. You are currently allowed to combine up to twenty orders into a single package.

Click on 合并快递 (blue button) to indicate that
you want this order included in the consolidated package.

The order is now included in the consolidation list.

Keep the default option for 物流运费 (delivery fee) on the item page. It is usually set to 全国 (nationwide). DO NOT select delivery to 海外 (overseas), since you have already appointed a forwarding agent as your local contact point to receive the goods in China. Selecting the overseas option means you want the sellers in China to ship directly to you in Singapore, and this will incur high shipping costs. Moreover, as previously mentioned, most Taobao sellers do not ship directly to overseas addresses.

Last but not least, I would like to say that I have a fruitful moment shopping online at TaoBaoSEA!!! Just for short 3 days, I brought almost 15 items which cost me less than $200 SGD, really a great reasonable deal on TaoBaoSEA. *Check out the stuffs I brought here* in love with them ya!! Excellent delivery service and all my goods is in perfect condition. *Thumb up*

EDIT: I’m editing this post because I just found out about a great new online shopping site called ShopBack Singapore that can help you save lots of money the next time you shop. They give you cashback for 500 over stores like Lazada, Groupon, Zalora, and yes Taobao!

For Taobao, they will give you up to 10% cashback on your Taobao order (but for their 2016 New Year Promotion, there’s an Upsized Cashback going on with up to 16%!). That’s means I could have saved up to $20 SGD on the $200 SGD that I spent on Taobao. Wish I found out about this site sooner!

All you have to do is to register at ShopBack (Sign up at to get a $5 bonus!) and go to the ShopBack Taobao page. Just search for the item in the search bar and if available on, you can just check out as per normal! The cashback will be credited into your ShopBack account and then you can cashout into your bank account or PayPal for real cash. You can check out ShopBack’s Taobao page for all step-by-step instructions on how to shop from Taobao through ShopBack.

But lucky I found out about this service right before Chinese New Year so I can make use of the great Chinese New Year promotions and buy my new clothes from Taobao!


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  3. Hello hello! Soooooooo! I've been kinda obsessed with TaobaoSEA ever since I first saw the ads at the MRT platform doors. It's been driving me crazy for weeks as I've to look at it every day since I take the train to school! =.= My whole family love taobao, it's like our online shopping heaven. Even when my dad's in China, he BUYS from taobao hahahaha! Singapore buy, in China also buy. So obsessed! so YAY to taobaoSEA! online shopping just got so much better.

    I wish to win the voucher because as mentioned, my whole family loves taobao lah! Would love for us to shop online together. I alone can shop through the night without sleep ;X also heard that people can buy boyfriend/girlfriend to bring home during CNY. taobaoSEA got or not? Can I buy one? Let me win and give me try leh! xD

    Thanks thanks! 😀


  4. It's been a long long time since I last pampered myself with new clothes and new accessories!
    With the 500RMB vouchers, I'll be able to get up to 5 different sets of outfit, like how amazing is that?!!
    Believe it or not, it's possible! If I have that 500RMB, I don't have to worry too much about having a wardrobe malfunction anymore hahaha. I can also finally get a new bag to replace the one that I've been using since 5 years ago.
    I could also finally grab myself a pair of kick ass heels and walk out of the house looking all fabulous accompanied with a gorgeous dress.

    All the perks of shoppin with Taobao is too good to resist. I want that 500RMB hehehehehehe xD

    Vivian Tian

  5. I would like to buy over as major shareholder at TaoBaoSEA #TaobaoGiftsBack via @hpility #justjoking #inmydreams #justsaying

    TGIF & Cheers~


  6. 能掏的都掏. .. to be honest i been feeling disgusted when i do shopping here cos i see the same items in sg costing so much more and i know they are from the same source ie china. If i win, i will get items to retrofit my house, i been eyeing lamps, basins etc etc… already identified except i havent click to buy so waiting to win..


    • Hi Gladys Png,

      The best is to have someone at home. If not, your purchased product will most probably send back to the warehouse in Singapore outlet.

  7. Thanks so much for the information, it really helped. I've been shopping in Taobao a while using either external agents (which took a long time for the goods to arrive, and rather expensive too) or only when I travel to China. Thanks again! 🙂

  8. i have personally use this for Singapore..just copy and paste the links in taobao and give them (You have to know Chinese) , they will order for you and ship direct to your house (Very good customer service)
    More for entertaining business customer that want to import more items to Singapore and sell(Bulk purchase)..they will quote me different shipping options and price after receiving at their warehouse (the shipping is very affordable compare to other agent i used before)

    For me, i buy over $1000sgd every month ..
    If i pay by posb credit card and buy myself, it will cost more service charge about 8% including exchange rate and i need alot of effort to communicate with seller in chinese)
    Their charge 5% is very reasonable for large orders

    This is their facebook

    Hope it helps 🙂

  9. Hi, may I know how much it weighs for your overall package and the total delivery cost? What is the base charge for 4px?

    Many thanks in advance.