My Freedom World at Trick Eye Museum Singapore


It’s time to get your eye a trick! Two years ago, during my Korea vocation, I visited the Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae, Seoul Korea. I had a very enjoyable experience at Trick Eye Museum in Korea and I was wondering when Singapore will open one kind of this museum too. Two years down the road, Trick Eye Museum finally arrived to Singapore! Horay!!!

Last Friday evening, Thank You The Influencer Network (TIN) for organizing #TINBOOST bloggers gathering night at Trick Eye Museum Singapore @ Resorts World Sentosa (RWS). This opportunity had brought me to visit the Trick Eye Museum in Singapore for very first time!

See that long queue! TIN had invited more than 100 guests to participate in the #TINBoost Night.

2 cheeky guys are ready to get trick! LOL

Pre-entering section

Giant baby with huge eyes

Trick Eye Museum is a ONE STOP zone for audiences to showcase their creative and adorable talent. However, Trick Eye in Singapore is totally different from Korea in term of its theme and ambient. NOW! Let me bring you to tour the Trick Eye Museum in Singapore with my Sci-Fiction FREEDOM story!

Officially welcome you here to get trick with ME!!! Hahaha… 

It was an extreme moment where I am able to drive on a venture with my good friends within distance.

Once upon a time, the blazing sun rise to shine the sapphire sky, a rural living village with population of humans and forest of green with animals’ creature. The day I decided to explore the world and start finding my precious freedom via my skydiving skill.

I landed in a muddy jungle, found my other two buddy who willing to pursue my young dream.

As years passed, I met two other new friends who like to strike on an adventure with me. We grew up in a village with no technology but only a risk environment. We learned our lesson from the nature and we were ready to strike on our next adventure discovery.

Over our thriller journey, we encounter lots of dangers. Passing through the Ice Mountain, we got saved by a gigantic elephant.

Unfortunately while passing across the lonely ocean, 
we had tough time fighting with the pacific monster!

A narrow escape from the immense vampire snake at Japanese village!

A life period living with colossal dinosaurs! Good-Bye! 

Our lively experiences continue to accompany us at any times and places. Shift on from the thriller to the Fairy Land.

The fairy theme at Trick Eye Museum is one of the attractions for young children and couples. It consists of “Dreams”, “Christmas” and “Fairytales”, an angelic moment whereby you can propose your love to your partner.

I believe I can fly… I believe I can touch the sky… I think about it every night and day, spread my wings and fly away ~

to ride on a lovely white swan to explore the beautiful castle to find my gorgeous princess.

It’s winter season, the land was covered with frosted snow. 
My friend riding on his wooden boom scouting me on the sky…

Beautiful snow lights in the crystal ball

Money needed for survive in this frozen world.

One day, I wish I could climb up the starry night and sleep on the massive moon. Reason because we all deserve a good night world.

Illusion is one of the highlight to give people a double-dealing idea at Trick Eye Museum. This section allows people to play with their creativity idea by interacting with the professional art of work. Remember that one is always not enough, so don’t limit yourself in doing things you can do! ^^


Things you do/don’t often do in real life exist at Trick Eye.

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

Hey You My Clone

Oh No! This is a trap!

We always wanted to find a right time to chase a freedom for ourselves. Therefore, Trick Eye Museum is one of the places which make you RELIEVE and BELIEVE in freedom. The fun and exciting segment allows you to stun your friends to the next ambush level. It is also an entertaining place for you to distress and laugh out loud. Awesome!  I am glad I found my freedom with group of cheeky friends! 😉

Now Everyone! Let me show you how Behind-The-Scene of the photos looks like! Every Trick of positioning is measure to a certain point of view for you to believe in.

It was a memorable two hours tour in the Trick Eye Museum Singapore! I took a series of group photo with my friends before calling it a day.

The Sexy Side of bloggers! 


TINBOOST Group Photo at Trick Eye Museum Singapore!

Wait wait wait…! Before you all go! 
Check out my short video here! Mr HP at Trick Eye Museum Singapore! ^^

For your information and those who interested to visit Trick Eye Museum Singapore, the One Day Pass is selling at $25 (Adult) and $20 (Child & Senior Citizen). Tickets are available for purchase on-site at the Trick Eye Museum Ticketing Booth or online @ [Trick Eye Museum Day Pass].

To conclude, Trick Eye Museum is a place I found my FREEDOM!
Hope you have fun visiting the Trick Eye Museum in Singapore!

The Credits:
Freedom Story: Yeo Hong Peng
Photos Taken by: Derrick See
Photos Edited by: Yeo Hong Peng
Video Produce By: Yeo Hong Peng