My Experience with Travel Smart Rewards Thus Far

I Ride, I Earn and I Redeem! Shiok right?

I understand that some places in Singapore are within walk-able distances but with the new Travel Smart Rewards scheme, I would say that this provides even more of an incentive for all Singaporeans to travel via MRT!!

The main reason is because I can earn more points and concurrently increase my chances of winning the $1500 lucky draw cash prizes on the Travel Smart Rewards website!

One word that can sum up my experience is “satisfying”. The Travel Smart Rewards website is user-friendly and the ‘Spin to Win’ game is both interactive and challenging. Online users can easily understand the steps and procedures while playing the ‘Spin to Win’ game. Basically, it’s just a click and off it spins!

If you are lucky, you will get to the next level with 5 chances of spinning!

That said, you may find yourself back at square one (starting point!) if you aren’t so lucky.

As mentioned, the more you travel during the off-peak hours, the more points you can accumulate.

With more points, there is a higher chance 
of winning the cash rewards!!

With regard to the cash rewards, you may choose to credit it into your travel card or even deposit into your bank account. Based on my experience, you will receive the money upon 30 days of confirmation.

So how to earn more points other than travelling early or during off-peak hour? First of all, you need to have at least 4 decongesting trips via MRT/LRT within a week. The Travel Smart Rewards website can track your recent trips and automate the point statement that you have earned. Start travelling during the decongesting period now!