Mural (画壁) Movie Review


Mural Movie Review:
From the director Gordan Chan and team of ‘Painted Skin’, this year in October 2011, they are proudly to represent their new extension of Liao Zhai movie – Mural (画壁) . In Mural movie, it brings you into a lovely romance world, knowing and treasuring of true love.

Will you give up your chance of finding a true love? Well, Although Mural movie is just an illusion type of romance movie but it extracted the main story of true love in real life. The story flow on Mural movie was well planned and the visual graphical effect of this movie has improved the China market film industry.

Mural (画壁) tell a story from a painted wall from a Mural Temple, thus this wall situations can be perceived as both ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ depending on the character’s view point. Live to Love; live to sacrifice for the others.

If you watch the Mural (画壁) movie till the very last part, you will realize that true Love will be able to conquer everything including all the haters. It’s a very touching movie with loads of relation and tears feeling in it. I rate this Mural (画壁) Movie: 3.5/5 star! Worth for watching! It’s time to find and treasure your True Love.

Mural Movie synopsis:
Adapted from a Liao Zhai story by the same title, ‘Mural’ tells of three men who chance upon an enchanted world through a mural, and believe it to be paradise until the darker and uglier side of that world begins to emerge.

This is an enchanted world that seems to promise satisfaction for every man’s desire on the surface, but brewing beneath it is the Queen’s vindictiveness and deep hatred for men.

Mural Theme Song MV 《画壁》


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