Mother’s Day Special: The Ultimate Guide of Affordable Experiences by Amazon

Mother day

Is Mother’s Day weekend! Many of us are often at a loss at what to do to show our appreciation for our mother. In this The Ultimate Mother’s Day Guide of Affordable Experiences, Amazon pieced together a list of things you can do for your mum, specially tailored to their interests and personalities.

Who says celebrations should be expensive? Here’s what you can do with your super-mum this Mother’s Day:

Mother's day foodie

For the Foodie Mum

They say that food is the way into a man’s heart. While we agree with that, we believe that the same applies to our mums. Nothing is more endearing than preparing meals for your loved ones.

This Mother’s Day, why not step it up a notch and bring your mother out for a picnic lunch, complete with homecooked delicacies that you’ve prepared? Not sure where or how to start? Fret not, here are some suggestions:

1. Bring a waterproof picnic mat – comfort in the great outdoors
2. Picnic tote – chill your liquids in a fashionable and freezable tote
3. Sunscreen – protect yourself from the UV rays

And, if you have no time to leave the house for grocery shopping? Prime Now’s delivers within 2 hours in Singapore. With a large variety of cooking ingredients and food items, you will find what you need for picnics of any kind. Oh and to satisfy the cravings of a mum who loves all things Korean, you can even prepare kimchi with some help from I’m Kimchi!

essential oils

For the Spa-loving Mum

Everyone enjoys a bit of pampering every now and then. This Mother’s Day, why not try your hands at being a masseuse for the day?

For beginners, consider using massaging tools that are both easy to use and effective – try a deep tissue massager perfect for relieving any back pain and stiffness. You can also try one of the Best Back Massager as a mother’s day gift. If your mother is a busy bee who moves between places to places, try massage balls that are designed to apply targeted pressure on small surface areas such as hands and feet.

You can leverage on the power of aromatherapy to lift your mum’s spirit. From calming essential oils like To Be Calm’s Relax Massage and Body oil to lavender scented candles, there are many options to choose from to create a spa experience at home for her.

Mother's day sport

For the Fit Mum

If you can’t afford to send her to the gym, why not send the gym to her?

If your mum has just started on her health and wellness journey, you can invest in a sturdy jump rope or for the serious gym aficionados, try barbells and resistant bands.

Prefer to bond with the family over a new sport? Get the family involved in a game of frisbee, basketball, or table tennis – all your sporting equipment is just a click away.

Mother's day drama

For the Drama-Loving Mum

Binge-watching has definitely grown to be the favourite past-time of many Singaporeans. Some prefer a good ol’ rom-com, while others enjoy a mind-boggling mystery. No matter the genre – watching a TV serial together can be a good bonding activity. Round the family up for a viewing party this Mother’s Day!

With Prime, members have exclusive access to unlimited, instant streaming of popular movies and TV shows, including award-winning, and original Amazon titles.

For mums who have a passion for good shows, romantic movies such as Mamma Mia! or a thriller like The Adjustment Bureau are excellent choices for a fun and restful day in.

Laughter is the best medicine. After a long stressful day, there is no better way for your mum to unwind than comedies that tickle her funny bone. Check out hilarious comedy selections on Prime Video including Golden Globe winner, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. And if your mum fancies being a director for the day, here’s a director’s slate to accompany her convincing shouts – “Cut! And rolling… Action!”.

With tens of thousands of products, including groceries, household and home essentials, beauty and electronics to choose from, Amazon Prime is the one-stop outlet for your needs in planning the most memorable day for your lovely mum.

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Happy Mother’s Day!