Mint’s 让我依靠 Live Showcase


A girl who wrote and composed all the song by herself, after having so many singing experience on stage, she finally came out with her own live showcase to her audience! Yup, few week back, i attended my good friend Mint’s 让我依靠 showcase at All About Eve Bar.

Tickets were fully sold out! Guests coming for her showcase was told to register before entering the event held area. Great to say that, its welly planned and all the guest received a cute bear and a ‘rose’ after the registration.

Mint’s showcase goes smooth on stage and the audience below were enjoying listening to her song. Yess! All the song she wrote and sing was awesome! Quite a talented girl and was hoping she will release her single album soon. haha..

How can we forgot about this romantic guitarist? Yes! This talented guy below can play many different kind of song with his guitar. Quite a entertaining guy too and i guess that everyone love it because whenever he played a song, he always put a smile on everyone.

Successful concert with a great smile on everyone face. Thanks Mint for inviting me as a media guest of the day. Really enjoy throughout the whole showcase process! Mint Jie! Keep it up in your singing performance and you will hold a live concert one day! *Smile*