Ming Hui NS Farewell Dinner


My friend/senior Ming Hui is finally going to serve Singapore National Service (NS) in few hours time and during the Sunday weekend (12-09-10), went out to have ‘a so called farewell’ dinner with JianHao, Joyce, Rina and of course main lead Ming Hui at Cineleisure Hongkong cafe.

Well, ordered black pepper chicken chop for my dinner and we chat along while eating… Yup! no worry, we were chatting damn happily all cause of my joke…haha.. Thus, this the ‘last time’ Ming Hui listen to my joke liao… The ‘Next time’ he going to listen will be in next 2 week time, all thanks to his ‘T-island’ training.. xD Anyway, farewell my friend, Take care and have fun in your training! haha…