MI Double 10 Happening


Hello people! Welcome back to my blog! Woohoo…Time fly fast, here come the end of April 2010. Long Time never blog about my school life (真的是好久好久没写了)…People been asking me: ‘Hey Hp, How your school now?’ Izzit fun? Well, therefore today blog post, I’ll share about my life in school and my new classmate i met. *Scroll down to see the happening week* ^^

Lets these Bubble Tea represent my class memories

As days goes by, here ended my second week of school life in Nyp. Starting since from the first week of school till now (second week), everything was fine…As usual, Monday to Friday attending class lesson at 8am and ended around 3pm. 每天都 woke up around 5am plus, 有时候真的觉得好累。。但是一定要习惯这样的 timing…

There were 10 classes in my course, Named as from MI 01 to 10…Well, i was in class MI10 also known as MI1010. Classmate in 1010 was helpful and cheerful, usually we had our lunch and attending lesson/lecture together. I can conclude that, my class is having more and more fun as each day comes by…

Doing homework together

Chatting session During Lunch Time

Online Research During Free Time

Most of the modules i have learned before in my previous school such as programming, networking, computing maths, graphic design, photography, etc…But somehow, i don’t mind study the same modules again as it help to refresh my mind and give me a better understanding in the subject too. Out of all modules, i like those modules related to multimedia! haha

Alright, today the end of April in year 2010…Tmr will be a new month starting of MAY 2010. Looking forward in MAY! I hope in MAY got more interesting happening around me! haha…Stay Tune for my coming up blog post! ^^

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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