Media – Super Junior Showcase in Singapore


Hello people! Welcome back to my blog…Is weekend once again! For today, it will be a continue from my previous (Samsung Galaxy S Media Launch With Super Junior) Post… Just right after the Samsung Galaxy S press conference, Super Junior get ready for the showcase… … …

Yes! As you see those picture in this blog post, i was standing right at the Media/VIP area in the convention hall where super junior held their showcase. However, there also Guest area too where by Super junior fans were standing at! *Scream*

Some introduction before Suju start their party

Super Junior Fans shouting

Took a crowd picture with super junior fans!

Super Junior performance stage

Bounce to you…Bounce to you…! First song [BONAMANA] make whole crowd feel hot, as in their live performance was really great! Like their dance in live!! ^^ Getting ready to bounce to someone else? hehe…

Short interview after they finish singing first few song…And know what? One of the super junior member birthday and fans were celebrating together! *cool moment*

Singing happy birthday song in Korean version

Last song they sing – Sorry Sorry! Omg! I like this song to the max!!! *scream* hahaha…Opps not only fans area scream, we media side also scream like mad when Super Junior sang ‘Sorry Sorry’ lols…Live Dance was awesome! *Give a big clap to SuJu*

*Ending Moment*

Overall, i had a great night with the press conference and the showcase, both grand event i attended! Get a chance to see Super Junior in live and knew some new friends throughout the whole event. haha…if you are jealous or envy, i can only say ‘sorry sorry’ to you! (I had prepared a video for you guys……..) hahaha *cheers*

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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