Media Launch on Singapore City Pass


Hello people! Welcome back to my blog! If you have follow my twitter or facebook, you guys will know that few days back, i attended an event – The media launch on Singapore City Pass with Nuffnang Glitteratiplus (G+) Members at Underwater world, Sentosa.

First of all, we was told to meet at Singapore Flyer, the tourist hub for our media registration to get our VIP tag and Singapore City Pass card and funVee bus ride from there to sentosa. So what special about the Singapore City Pass card? You gotta keep on reading… Scroll down now!

G+ Group photo infront of FunVee Bus

Our Journey start from here… first got onto the bus, we must tap using our Singapore City Pass Card and proceed on to our seat… *we sit at the open area, although weather hot but very windy as the bus move*

Everyone was happily sitting, chatting, taking photo on bus!

Heading toward…

Yes! We were heading toward the Dolphin VIP lounge at sentosa underwater world for the media launch event!

Reached Underwater World Singapore

Queuing… Waiting… for our turn to…

Underwater world with G+ members

Here we tapped again!

Group photo before we enter the private event at Dolphin Lagoon

Yup its here! where the media launch of Singapore city pass but before that, there was a dolphins show right outside our views… *Keep scrolling*

Media Launch Start, Ang Eu Khoon, Managing Director of City Tours, delivers his presentation, introducing the Singapore City Pass card on its use of purpose, advantage and disadvantage…

Below this picture is how [Singapore City Pass Card] look like! Yup! Its the same size as your credit card and instead of swiping everywhere you go, we use the ‘tapping’ method to tap everywhere attraction places you visit in Singapore.

What is Singapore City Pass:
Singapore City Pass and Singapore City Card are variants of a RFID card which can be loaded with admission to attractions, meal vouchers, club events, concert events or even gift vouchers for retail items such as gifts. It can also be used to control access to seminars, conventions or events

What Singapore City Pass is not:
Singapore City pass is not a pre-paid e-purse in which you put in value and deduct the value accordingly when you get to attractions and F&Bs.

Purpose of using Singapore City Pass:
By using Singapore City Pass, you will get to see more, do more and get more in Singapore! This card with a smart-tag on it also allow tourists to keep as souvenir after using it.

City Tours and fellow trade partners

Photo taking inside the Dolphin Lagoon!

After the launch event, Nuffnang G+ heading toward underwater world! woohoo… Great! Once again get to see sea animals again…hahaa…

Yeah! I like this picture! =D

Thanks Nuffnang and City tour for the media invitation, its a great fun experience to sit on the funvee bus ride and first hand getting to know about the Singapore City Pass! After all, i call it a day.

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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  1. antzlao@gmail said….
    just came back from Singapoe and had a very bad experience with City Tours. I booked a Fun Package for Dec. 31, 2010. Ms Siti confirmed that it was available but I was shocked to learn that the Night Adventure Tour must be pre booked. She never mentioned in her email that I have to reserve a seat. So it was moved to Jan. 1, 2011 but the supposed 3 hour tour as stated in their brochure became a 1 hour tour. What a rip off!!! You guys from the media are quite fortunate to have had fun with Funvee but we the paying customers are being shortchanged. So my advice to those who want to have real FUN in Singapore – AVOID FUNVEE!!!!

  2. Hopefully, you would post not only good comments but also bad ones as well. You could confirm the veracity of my complaint with Ms. Phyllis Tan, Ms. Desiree and Ms. KIm who are at the Tourist Hub. I have called Ms. Shirlin Koh but she refused to talk with me and told Ms. Desiree to tell me to just email my complaint. After 4 days, I am still awaiting their reply.

  3. stay AWAY from the Singapore City Pass, FunVee. My family purchased the 3-day city pass and was disappointed in the lack of truth to the advertising

    1) their 2-way transfer to Universal Studios is a LIE. They claim a 2-way transfer is actually only ONE-way. 2-way refers to the pickup from your hotel to their location and then from their location to Universal Studios. You have to find your own way back. (Note that there is a FREE shuttle that goes DIRECT from many of the larger hotels to Sentosa–all you need is to bring your foreign passport.) City Pass's USS transfer option is worthless.

    2) The 3 included city tours (night tour, duck tour, and marina bay) tour are simply a bus that drives you from their pickup location to Marina Bay, and China Town, there is no "tour" per say. They claim it's worth S$60, but I wouldn't pay S$10 for those rides, as it is difficult to get to their pickup locations. You can pay a cab to go direct for cheaper and save time!

    3) They advertise on Signapore's offical travel website so some might be under the FAKE belief the City Pass card is associated with the Government of Singapore–it is NOT. Its a MONEY making SCAM run by

    4) You still have to WAIT in line to get tickets at most attractions like the Night Safari. The Tap and Go feature is just designed to create confusion with the EZ Subway card

    In conclusion, its WAY better to just pick your attractions yourself and buy direct at the front gate. All the good attractions like Universal Studios and the Night Safari rarely have discounts, and if they do, you can usually get them yourself at the gate.