The Meaning of Ox Year 2009


23/01/09 ~ 24/01/09
Friday ~ Saturday
My 498 post,
Weekend CNY mood.
Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

My 498th post for today and this show that still got 2 more day to Chinese New Year. I am highly in CNY mood now and been start listen to CNY song recently. Till now everything had brought and prepare, just one more day to go…if not most of the shop outside the cities or town area will be close this sunday. Reason is because everyone is going back celebrate new year eve.

Well, As for today and tml, I will be sending Chinese New Year Wishes all over the blog i had visited or blog who viewed me. So far, most of the blogger had received my wishes and for those who haven receive, dont worry, you will receive the wishes soon ^^. And thank to those who wish me on CNY! Ox Year Ahead peeps! xD

Today post kinda special, since this year is year of OX (cow), therefore i will share with you all some OX Year meaning. See Next 2 paragraph which i quote from a web:

The animal sign Cow in Chinese Horoscope is a female. We prefer to say 2009 is a Brown Cow Year than Brown Ox or Buffalo Year. Brown is equivalent to Earth in Chinese Astrology Five Element theory. The major element in Cow is Earth. It’s very clear that Earth comes very strong in 2009.

Earth is the ground under our feet. The ground is very steady. It’s required lots of energy to make it move. This implies the difficulty to make a chance in 2009. Earth is the land. Land is related to Real Estate property. The major focus in 2009 will be the land related issues. Hopefully, the Real Estate market will be gradually stable. Certainly, it’s necessary that people put extra efforts and time to work on the problems.

After reading 2 paragraph, if you interested in Chinese Horoscope, u can refer to the link above. Inside the web will explain to you more on others matters such as Luck,relationship,career as well as family. Well, talks about chinese horoscope (Sometime also called as 风水), most of our parent will believe in it as a guide of way in their life. So how about Teenager? i guess English Horoscope..lols…Btw, i always check for my suitable colour to wear during CNY through Chinese Horoscope! haha…i can said is 80% true! lols…

Anyway, here another link:
This link also talk about Ox Year, click it if you want to find out more! haha…it look interesting xD

So are you ready to welcome Ox year? Ox mean strong and hardworking. Strong in everything, Hardworking during day or night, Strong in solving any difficulties problem. No matter how, Ox has the ability to carry all the burden.

Alright, i end my post here for today. Hope u enjoy reading and viewing it! Will be sending wishes to all my viewer! TakeCare Peeps! xD

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