McDonald’s Monopoly Grand Winner 2011 – Mr Rajagopalan Subramanian Won $80,000!!


32-year old Mr. Rajagopalan Subramanian is now $80,000 richer, after having been declared the winner of the top prize in the McDonald’s Monopoly game this year. Although Mr. Subramanian is familiar with the Monopoly game promotion, he only decided to actively participate for the first time this year. He is a control engineer in Changi Airport, and part of his job comprises ensuring baggage are delivered on time for airport passengers.

To up his chances of winning the grand prizes, Mr. Subramanian increased his visits to McDonald’s –from once or twice a week to around four, five times weekly. He found his winning pair of labels (Sentosa Cove and Marina Bay) just one day apart. And he actually did not open his second winning label until days later in the office. So his colleagues were the first people to hear his screams of excitement.

The S$80,000 cash prize will come in handy for Mr. Subramanian who is still hunting for his dream home. Aside from purchasing his new nest, Mr. Subramanian intends to share the cash prize with his wife.

Although the grand prize of S$80,000 has been accounted for, there are still other exciting prizes up for grabs! As McDonald’s promises that all prizes must go this year, be sure to visit your nearest McDonald’s outlet today, and you just might be a very happy winner too!


  1. Since he works in the airport, I think he must have Mcdonalds Meals at the airport. Just a wild guess…