Macquarie Chiropractic Exclusive Anniversary Promotions for July 2019

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Are you suffering from frozen shoulder, stiff neck or chronic back pain? Introducing Macquarie Chiropractic, a premium well-equipped Chiropractic clinic founded by Dr. Seow Kim Seng (D.C.). And, congratulations to Dr. Seow and his clinic for celebrating 1st anniversary this year.

Macquarie Chiropractic
Dr. Seow Kim Seng (D.C.), Founder of Macquarie Chiropractic

Anniversary Promotion for the Month of July
1. Complimentary treatment for the 1st visit
Limited to the first 50 patients who quote: [macquarie]
2. $33 treatment for the 1st visit
Available to all patients after the first 50 who quote: [macquarie]

 Chiropractic treatment

Well, I have been suffering from a stiff neck for years partly because of staring at the computer for too long. I am glad to visit Macquarie Chiropractic clinic over the weekend to ask to advise for my stiff neck. As it was my first session, Dr. Seow did a precise explanation and giving quality advise on my body situations. I am convinced and confident to try out my first chiropractic session.

chiropractic session

There are 5 steps that every patient needs to go through before they can start their treatment:

1. Posture Scanning

This allows patients to understand their current standing posture which includes the front and side views. In result, it gives a visualisation of the way patients are carrying themselves daily.

2. Tytron Scanning

It helps to detect the temperature of a patient’s paraspinal muscles; paraspinal referring to the musculature support directly beside the spine. To add on, this combined with Postural scanning and a Spinal examination (hands on spinal exam); allows a comprehensive first examination prior to the treatment delivery.

Chiropractic adjustments

Chiropractic treatment

3. Adjustment

Next will be the adjustment section. This is where everything start and people are scares of at the initial stage. But not to worry, is totally painless! This process will depend on patient symptoms. Patients will go through the relevant adjustment via Decompression Table, Flexion Distraction Table, Drop Table and Shockwave Therapy.

4. Decompression Table

It creates a negative pressure around the patient’s disc, the gel-like cartilage providing cushion for the spine. Likewise, it is a good circulation for patients with disc complains including slipped disc, nerve impingement symptoms and etc…

Flexion Distraction Table

5. Flexion Distraction Table

This section helps to perform a smooth, passive flexion and extension of patient’s lower back.

My verdict:

Overall, I can feel my stiff neck is a little loosen after the chiropractic treatment. You definitely will hear the cracking sound but is totally painless. In fact, you feel more shiok after the treatment! For more, chiropractic adjustments allow you to restore your spinal joint flexibility by stimulating the release of synovial fluid that is encapsulating the joints. On top of that, Chiropractic adjustments also help you to straighten your body posture, making you look even smarter and confident at all time.

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