M1010 Pizzahut Dinner At Suntec City


Its Holiday and yesterday (08/09/10) my class MI1010 had decided to meet up at suntec city plazahut for a class dinner gathering. *Actually was celebrating our class September babies birthday* haha…

Met up with my class brothers and sisters at cityhall and we proceed on to pizzahut to wait for the rest… Yeah! Chat and took photo while waiting… just ‘few’ days no meet we chat till like no chance to meet again…lols.. *arrow conversation here and there* haha… Anyway, check out our group picture below!

Brothers of MI1010

Sisters of MI1010

Time was almost dinner time, we ordered our pizza set meal and happily sitting there waiting for our food to be ready. Soup of the day was great taste!

Hawaiian Pizza (Shared by Me, Jee chin, Justin and Desmond)

Curry chicken pizza

*Surprised time* Yess!! added in a surprise session to celebration my class September babies (Yik loong, Siew ling, Jerlyn, Su zhen). Pizzahut did play the birthday song and bring out the birthday cake but wrong timing! LOL … its ok anyway, as long as everyone enjoy can le…

Birthday cake of the day for September babies

Yik loong, Siew ling, Jerlyn, Su zhen

After the birthday celebration at pizza hut, we went to esplanade walk around, slack, chat and take group picture! it was a great and fun night with classmate. Shall meet up soon again! After all, i call it a day.

Group photo of the day