Love Buffet (愛似百匯) Episode 5


Hello people! Welcome back to my weekly review on the Love Buffet (愛似百匯) Taiwanese drama. Today will be talking about Love Buffet Episode 5 (愛似百匯 第五集)! Yess! Story continue from episode 4.. 胡小風的选择是 1 or Yay?

As story goes, a brand new day started, 胡小風 decided to recover the friendship relation with 大业. They both remain as best friend status and life continue as usual. However, the relationship of love will go to 阿一…

阿一, the emotional guy who willing to help and stand at her side whenever she needed. A guy who having a sweet speech touched her emotion and no matter what happen, he will protect her till the end.

Not surprised, friends around 小風 can see that 阿一 is interested in 小風. Yup, 阿一 successfully have a date with 小風 and he also did manage to confess his feel toward 小風 that he willing to accept what he see in his eyes. Mixed feeling happened on 小風 again and this give her a hard time to decide.

Soon later, 小風 and fellow friends (schoolmate) are having their term break holiday and 小風 had decided to do something to make herself busy throughout the holiday. Well, with 阿一 emotional words, he promised her that he will accompany her through this holiday period.

虽然胡小風是有得选择A 或 B, 但是真正爱情不是观看选择性的。。Moral of story, Love is not a choice of Yes or No, The only answer is in your heart. So will 胡小風 accept 阿一 relationship? Check this out at Episode 6! 如果想知道的话就请看下一集吧!哈哈。。 Stay Tune for my next Love Buffet Episode 6 review! Enjoy watching it *Smile*

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