Love Buffet (愛似百匯) Episode 4


Hello people! Welcome back to my weekly review on the Love Buffet (愛似百匯) Taiwanese drama. Today will be talking about Love Buffet Episode 4 (愛似百匯 第四集)! Yess! Story continue from episode 3.. 油條妹 (胡小風)告白咯!但是。。。

In episode 4, i could say that everything started with a misunderstanding between 小風 and 阿基 and lead to the complicated relationship between 小風 and 大业. Back to normal school day whereby 大业 introduce 小風 to 阿基 and he was pretty nervous because this his first time people like him..

阿基 came fast and went even faster. 小風 feel sorry about this misunderstand situation however, things still solve in peaceful manner. As story goes, 小風 feel guilty by not saying she like 大业.. Even though friends around her do give her support in telling about her feeling toward 大业 but she still worry about the result that she may face.

Well, at least 小風 confess to 大业 and the result that 大业 give her was the same as the rest of the girls who confessed to him before. *阿一 give 大业 a punch on his face* 小風 was very upset at the moment and friends around her started to courage and cheer her up.. Good news that she has make friend with 秋樱. 哈哈

阿一 in this episode 4 did his outstanding role. Whenever he saw 小風 was in the sad or bad mood, he the first one who stand out and give her a support. I guess his sweet words touched 小風 too.

喜歡一個人要勇敢的說出來但是也要勇敢面對接下來的結果。。 胡小風是有选择性的!哈哈 下一集輪到阿一上場了。。。如果想知道的话就请看下一集吧!哈哈。。 Stay Tune for my next Love Buffet Episode 5 review! Enjoy watching it *Smile*

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