Life is a Mystery hidden with History


Woot! It has been awhile since my last post about my daily life and school life. If you have followed my twitter or weibo, you guys will know that my October was enjoying with busy work stuff and November is going to be another pack schedule week.

It’s almost second week of November and my life still passed as usual. In school, more and more assignment work coming up… Although I had use to it with the school system but I still hope that there are more holiday on the weekdays! Hahaha…

Few days back in school, one of my lessons requires us to come out with a team-building game. The objective of this lesson is to let us know how to communicate among the group as well as challenging the task given to accomplish it in the fastest way. *Need to write a report on this* I will share the full version of”teamwork among the group” story in my blog soon…

Oh yeah! Just browse through my facebook tagged pictures and decided to upload some here… Today don’t intend to share lots of words here… So basically I just shared some picture which I taken few weeks back… It can be found in my tumblr if you followed it! Haha…

Jia Lor Mee outing

Fashion show at Avalon Club

Heineken Green Room@ REDUX: Project Green Room

William and I picture with 2 Heineken Model

Group picture at Heineken Green Room Event

Fancy Bump into John and Leone at Wine Fiesta 2011

Picture with Valentine Low at Wine Fiesta 2011

Picture with Michelle at the Halloween USS

That’s all for today! Don’t let the shadows of yesterday spoil the sunshine of tomorrow. It’s a long weekend this week, hope you guys enjoy and have fun during this weekend! More exciting post coming up… Stay Tune Readers! *Smiles*