Life come with Graduate and Gratitude


Is Wednesday today! Good things to share about today was that, i attended a graduation ceremony in the afternoon. Great to see old classmate and lecturer once again…been missing them alots since the last day i stepped out of school! lols

Today, straight after my graphic design lesson, i went back home, changed to my formal suit and heading down to meet Vidhya and Darshini at Tampines interchange. Once reached school, we went over to meet our fellow classmate. *All look handsome and pretty with their formal wear* haha…

Graduation actually consider a big day for every student whereby they make an effort and score well in their academia result. However, this also the day we met up with one another and discuss about how life going on in further studies.

As my title said ‘Life come with Graduate and Gratitude’. Yes! Today i graduated but at the same time i also want to Gratitude to all the lecturer who taught me before in multimedia and infcomm modules! (我要感謝所有曾經教導我的教授之老師們), Thanks for your all skill and knowledge..You all the best! haha…

Group picture with classmate and lecturer. A great moment to keep those photo memories…Nice chat with those lecturer i met today! Mr Yeo, Adam, Chester, Victor and etc…I guess everyone enjoyed today ceremony too…haha…After all, i call it a day. ^^
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Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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