LG Airport Robots take over Incheon International Airport

LG Robots

LG robots provide the intelligent technology and automation services in Incheon International Airport to welcome the largest winter sporting event. The Airport guide robot will roam the airport providing information and assistance to visitors; while the Airport Cleaning Robot will be on hand to keep the floor clean at all times.

Airport Guide Robot

The airport guide robot comes with LG’s voice recognition platform to assist visitors verbally in 4 different languages; Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese.

LG Airport Robot

The robot can connect to the airport’s central server to provide information regarding; boarding time and locations of restaurants, shops, and much more. With a quick scan of a boarding pass, the Airport Guide Robot can escort the late or lost traveller to the right departure gate on time.

airport clean robot

The Airport Cleaning Robot takes LG HOM-BOT’s powerful cleaning performance, autonomous navigation, and object-avoidance capability. This robot detects the areas that require the most frequent cleaning, stores those locations in its database and calculates the most efficient routes to get there.

For more information, please visit: http://www.lg.com/sg