Let’s Rise Together with Friends


Hello people! Welcome back to my blog! It’s a long weekend this week and here come to Sunday weekend and today i will be sharing what happening during the past few days. If you have follow my twitter, i guess you guys roughly know what happened… haha..

2 days back which was friday, Met Daniel for lunch at Kovan domino’s pizza outlet. Yess! I ate domino’s pizza once again and this time round i not paying by either cash or voucher, in fact i pay by letter! lols.. The cashier was stun while i show him my A4 size “letter”.

Anyway, we had our classic hand tossed Hawaiian Paradise pizza and at the same time we also ordered an additional stuff like soft drink and Garlic cheese onion rings. However, their Garlic cheese onion rings was kinda expensive but it taste the best!

Garlic cheese onion rings

Yesterday, just a simple day met up with my cousin, Qingyi, for lunch at Bugis hawker center (opposite bugis iluma). Was craving for some Popiah and guess what? i found the best popiah stall at bugis hawker center. *To know more about the popiah, please check out my new coming up series of food post*

A week back, was invited by Alfed to a Guinness media event at Clarke Quay Mulligan. Launch of the event talks about Guinness live band performances, likewise few group of band was there to give a support of this event.

LGF (Little Green Frog), one of the group i stick with throughout the whole event, there were friendly and their music was nice too! Do support! haha… However, event main section also share about the unplugged ‘Rise Together’ (最够朋友) theme song sang by NGAK (黄星魁). Check out the video below!


  1. awwwww~~~so nice of u!!!
    thanks for sharing the link lgfband.com!
    the fb page with the most "like" get to go emil chau concert leh!
    I hope it's LGF!!! :p