Korean Horror Film: The Tunnel Movie Review


The Tunnel Movie Review
Korean releases its new horror and thriller film in this summer season in Singapore. The Tunnel movie, directed by Director’s Park Gyu-Taek and starring with a range of upcoming popular Kpop artiste featured in this film. This movie tells a story of group of friends kill and old man by accident and they decide to throw away the body in the coal mine.

An unexpected situation occur whereby the curse of the tunnel unveils the secret of a girl who discover in the past conceptualize with the present incident. The Tunnel movie wasn’t a fantastic horror as the story flow for this film was not smooth and most of the climax scene was predictable. However it still carries a moral of story behind this movie. I rate the tunnel movie 2/5 stars. The Tunnel movie will be releasing in Singapore on 11th June 2015 at Shaw and Cathay Cineplexes Cinema Theaters.