KOMBI Foodtrucks are the Most Retro & Nostalgic Popup at Funan Mall

VW FoodTruck

Over the weekend, I took my time off to explore the newly revamped Funan Mall. Guess what! While having casual shopping with friends, I chance upon two adorable and eye-catching KOMBI Foodtrucks Popup located at level 2 of Funan Mall.

KOMBI Foodtrucks

The yellow Kombi looks like a T2 Volkswagen Baywindow model which is around 1970s, whereas the red Kombi looks like a T1 Volkswagen Splitwindow Bus model. Interestingly, the red model might even date back to 1960s! Isn’t that cool?

T2 Volkswagen Baywindow model

T1 Volkswagen Splitwindow Bus model

The Foodtruck is well-equipped with kitchen essentials!

By looking at the retro KOMBI Foodtrucks, it instantly brought back my childhood memories. Likewise, I am glad that the finishing bodywork looks glossy and elegant with a fresh coat of paint. Well, many people think that OLD Volkswagen (VW) buses mean BAD conditions, however this is not, and looks well restored inside and outside.


Volkswagen (VW) buses
Working in Progress

Scoopy's & Cream Company

I found out that here are the people behind those retro Foodtrucks! They are from Scoopy’s & Cream, a leading local company for Vintage Car Rentals & Kombi VW Van in Singapore. The company also offers construction for Pop-up stores, restoration of vehicles as well as create Auto Furniture; which means using the vintage rare car body parts and redesign into a piece of new furniture.

vintage rare car

For Readers Benefit:
Wondered how KOMBI Foodtrucks were placed at the level 2 of Funan Mall?

These photos are taken during the reconstruction of Funan Mall. It was a very tedious process to carry those Vintage Foodtrucks up to level 2.

Funan Mall Revamped
Vintage Foodtrucks

Planning the next crowd pulling giveaways with an Event Branding & Activation?

Example: Love Bonito new store opening at Funan Mall

Love Bonito at Funan Mall

Love Bonito

5 Reasons why you should consider having a Vintage Car or VW Kombi Van:
1. For advertising & branding purpose

At the organisation level, bosses can either purchase or rent the vintage vehicle for advertising and branding purpose. It is the most Hip for advertising & branding purpose. There are many ways you can do with a VW Kombi Van such as transforming into a mobile popup store, bookstore, newsstands, information & ticketing counter and many more.

VW Kombi Van

2. Instagrammable and Memorable Moment

Holding an indoor or outdoor event or party? Not to worry, you can use vintage cars to act as a backdrop for your photobooth. By snapping a group shot with various type of vintage cars, it creates a memorable moment which gives u a sense of the nostalgic vibe. Likewise, those Instagrammable photos captured allow users to share on their social media (IG) to create more awareness too.

vintage cars
Photo credit: @supericecreamtruck
3. Flexible transformation with customisable design

It’s cool and flexible! Scoopy’s & Cream company is able to help you transform and customise those vintage vehicle design to meet your company needs.

Milksha at Funan Mall

4. Get Ready for your Epic Roadtrip

Scoopy’s & Cream do help source and restore VW kombis and other classic cars! You can consider putting your money in classic cars instead of in the bank whereby you can actually enjoy the experience and memories of having the classic car ownership. Classic cars also tend to appreciate if you buy the correct model. So yes, they do also provide a roadworthy vehicle for you to pick the right choice!

Epic Road Trip
Photo credit: @supericecreamtruck
5. Very attractive & Moveable shop on wheels to anywhere, anytime

Are you worried about reinstating your shop or store, the hassle of temporary renovation and the cost involved? Mobile Popups are on wheels allowed you to shift location at any point of time at your convenience pace. Not to mention its attractiveness as iconic classics never goes out of style, your design is evergreen! 🙂

Tinker Truck at Vivocity NLB

Oh yes! I also recently found out that the “Tinker Truck” at Vivocity NLB was done by Scoopy’s & Cream company! Is pretty impressive! I believe those young children will love it as well!

Are you interested to purchase or rent one of those VW Kombi or Vintage Car? If yes, you can email directly to Catering@scoopysandcream.com or contact Scoopy’s at +65 63885337.

Do follow their social media here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scoopysandcream/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/supericecreamtruck/
Website: http://www.supericecreamtruck.com/