Kirin Ichiban Fest at Clarke Quay


It was the awesome wonderful weekend last Saturday evening with group of friends at Kirin Ichiban Festival which held directly at the Clarke Quay Fountain Square. Yes! At the event itself, Kirin Ichiban has also brought up their coolest Japanese beer, Music and Food from Japan to presents some of Japan’s biggest international acts to celebrate one of Japan’s favourite and internationally savoured beers!

Pictures with Kirin Ichiban Wall

The theme of Kirin Ichiban Festival was “Modern Expression of Japanese Authenticity”. Japan has always impressed me with their traditional history culture, heritage as well as the unique way of expression. Don’t you think so? Hahaha…

The Models at Kirin ichiban Fest

I had endless CAN of Kirin Beer!

Pictures with Jeremy

Both were from Japan! こんにちは日本の友達!
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Jeremy, Valentine and Joey

Valentine and Jenny

Pictures with Joey

Pictures with Sheena and Reiee

The stage of Kirin ichiban Fest

Host of the night

Time getting more crowds… So what the happening at there? It was a successful event whereby nice Japanese beer and Japanese Sushi were being served at this Kirin Ichiban Festival. I believe that nice beer goes well with Japanese Sushi! Haha…

At the same time, there also performance happening on stage! Yup! It started off with the young and good-looking team called ‘Kuni-Ken’ from Japanese Shamisen band. I enjoyed their Jrock music performances with their Japanese traditional guitar and I was impressed by their unique style of deliver music to the audience too.

Next, performer was the dancer and choreographer’s Takahiro! He tagged along with Kuni-Ken music and came out with his flexible body dance and amazed everyone else there.

Retro style of body dance by Takahiro

Last performance of the day was by Hifana – Japanese break-beat group made up of Keizo machine! They had created the hip hop beats without using any programming or sequencing and also given audience a fresh look about their traditional Japanese music. DJ on the stage ROCKZ!

The whole concert was held about 4 hours and the performer ended a very nice post with Kirin Ichiban beer on stage. Overall, the celebration of Kirin Ichiban Festival in Singapore was successful and glad to have my crazy drinking moment with friends at this festival. *Smiles*