Kbox At Marina Square


Kbox with friends

Hello people! Welcome back once again! Gonna blog out this post before heading back to project mode again..! haha..Lets rewind back to sunday (24th), whereby one bright sunny afternoon, i went out with couple of friends for singing session at marina square…

Tracy and i organized this singing session for Ming En, cos he leaving in march for oversea studies! All the best Ming En! haha…Me and Jianhao did sang a song of εƒι‡ŒδΉ‹ε€– for him…lols…Touching right? xD Thanks to Raine,Xuening and Elise for coming! ^^

After singing session which was about 7.30pm (Dinner Time!)…We went over met Joyce for dinner at HongKong cafe! haha…Marina square HK cafe environment and food still not bad…Lets see their menu…

Raine super hungry cos she skipped her lunch, same goes as elise.. =D Below here were the food we ordered..! I ate Curry Chicken Rice…

Below this picture is JianHao..He damn pro sia…After eating straight away go into sleep mode! lols…Thinking of someone who not in singapore hor…I think he going depress liao cos he cannot see someone in singapore…hahaha

Alright, let me introduce Raine and Tracy here! The 2 like to play with their camera…sitting opposite me somemore…lols…send me picture leh!!! xD Macro up your shot! hahaha…

Last picture to share in this post…Group picture taken at Marina square HK cafe! Elise, Raine, Tracy, JianHao, Joyce, Me, Ming En and XueNing…Sing fun in afternoon and Fill up with hungry stomach at night and i call it a day. =D

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your Reading and Viewing!
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