Kärcher’s compact handheld vacuum brings hygiene closer to you

Kärcher compact handheld vacuum

Kärcher handheld vacuum cleaner

Kärcher launched its new handheld vacuum cleaner, the VCH 2. Compact and lightweight, the VCH 2 can be stored easily in a backpack, car, office or at home. Weighing only 0.65 kg, the VCH 2 comes with a suction force of 5 Kpa, making this handheld vacuum cleaner a trusty companion whether you are using it to vacuum dust and food crumbs found in the interior of the car or to perform spot cleaning at home; whether you own a desktop or a laptop, the Kärcher VCH 2 cleans work desks and even keyboards.

handheld vacuum

Compact, lightweight & convenient

The handheld vacuum is powered by a double filtration with a steel net and HEPA-12 filter. The steel net rapidly filters large particle dust and crumb while the HEPA-12 filters 99.5% of tiny dust that is smaller than 0.3μm.

The VCH 2’s 0.15 L dust container is 50 percent larger than the average handheld vacuum in the market. The dust container can be rinsed under running water to get rid of dust, dirt and other debris.

Technical Specification
Kärcher VCH2
Rating power (W) 70
Voltage (V) 7.2
Suction force (Kpa) 5
RAM (R/MIN) 35,000
Noise (dBA) < 78
Running time (min) Up to 11
Dust container (L) 0.15
Weight (Kg) 0.65


Pricing and Availability

The Kärcher VCH 2 is pricing at S$128. It is available at selected Kärcher Singapore authorized retailers and online stores.

For more information, please visit kaercher.com/sg/.