Journey Youth Olympic Flame Bus Rides Day 6


First of all, i want to thanks Alvin Lim for giving me this opportunity and Tiffany Goh (from Coca cola) for the invitation to (Journey Of The Youth Olympic Flame Day 6) bus rides! Lastly, thanks and glad to see Yong Wei, Joyce Lim, Clarence Chan, Silver Ang and Mint Leong! ^^

Hello people! Welcome to the Singapore Youth Olympic Games (YOG) week..! If you have follow my twitter or added my facebook, you guys will know that i had join in the fun of YOG this year! YOG Opening Ceremony, JYOF (Day 6) Bus Rides and YOG mini concert… This how happening in Singapore within this month.

Hpility Blog Support SYOG 2010

Once in my life time… Let my journey beginning from here, The Singapore Youth Olympic Games headquarter Building. We was told to gather at YOG HQ for the bus rides and while waiting, our flame runner (Goh Wei Jie, 12) was back to light up the flame at YOG HQ. *So cool to see him holding with torch*

Goh Wei Jie having interview by those media reporter

Yup! Here the Coca Cola Bus! Feel very honor to sit on this coca cola bus rides with the rest of people… Great experience ever and guess what happened? haha… Endless cheering and waving from us as the bus go from one places to another.

Clarence, Joyce and Yong Wei were curious and excited about the journey!

Oh yes! Samsung bus was just right behind us! They were having their great wave and cheer too and was surprised to know that some of the members in Samsung bus was from NYP! haha… oops, i from NYP too! xD

He from Atlanta!

Some waving and cheering picture here… As you can see, people waving and taking picture as the JYOF buses pass by them. Enthusiastic of audience! As a Singaporean, i feel so honor to sit on the bus and start to wave with million of people! haha I guess the rest of 5 bloggers have the same feeling as me too ^^

Did you saw my tweet? ‘Oh yeh oh yeh oh yeh Hey! Oh yeh oh yeh oh yeh Ho!Go Go JJ Lin!’ haha Yess! JJ Lin was one of the runner too!

Picture with Tiffany, Joyce and Mint

Silver and Mint! This 2 sister was totally hyper from the start of journey till the end! haha… Once in a life time, everyone had fun experience in it! *Cheers*

Mint, Me, Silver

Wahahaha… For once in my life time, i am taller than the Coca Cola bus! Well, our journey has reached almost to the end…We having rest at this area and taking some photo shoot infront of bus.

Hp, Mint Leong, Silver Ang, Yong Wei, Joyce Lim, Clarence Chan

Group Photo infront of Coca Cola bus

Our last station, we alighted at Marina Bay Promenade, took a group photo again before i call it a day of our JYOF bus rides. Well, visit my facebook to see more photo on JYOF Day 6! hahaha, YOG celebration at Marina Bay Promenade high to the max! *Scream!!! Visit here: 4MinB2st*

JYOF Bus Rides Photo: [Click Here]
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