Exclusive Bundles JINRO Tonic Water Debut in Singapore

jinro tonic water singapore

JINRO debut its first-ever JINRO Tonic Water, the perfect mixer to create refreshing JINRO Chamisul cocktails in Singapore. The tonic adds the perfect touch of fizz to any of JINRO’s versatile Chamisul soju, and elevates the alcohol with its distinctive, sweet and almost ginger ale-esque taste – definitely not your typical tonic water! It is exclusively crafted and produced by HiteJINRO, South Korea’s leading manufacturer of soju and best known for its fresh and fruity soju line-up. House of Amber Nectar is the sole authorised importer of JINRO’s products in Singapore.

JINRO Tonic Water

Exclusive Bundles

In tandem with the launch of JINRO Tonic Water in Singapore, exclusive bundles of JINRO’s Chamisul Fresh + JINRO Tonic Water are now available via Amber Nectar’s E-store as well as the brand’s official store on Shopee and Lazada. The bundles start at $16.40, and consists of a 360ml JINRO’s Chamisul Fresh Soju and two 250ml cans of JINRO Tonic Water. Double the JINRO goodness with two 360ml bottles of JINRO’s Chamisul Fresh Soju and four 250ml cans of JINRO Tonic Water at $32.60. Customers can also look forward to these bundles at select bars and restaurants such as Coastes and select Stickies Bars.

JINRO is known for its iconic series of soju – especially the cleanest tasting and most versatile of them all, JINRO’s Chamisul Fresh. A testament to JINRO’s commitment to quality, the 16.9% ABV soju is filtered four times through bamboo charcoal, resulting in its signature crisp and pure taste that sets it apart from competitors.

JINRO Chamisul cocktails in Singapore

With JINRO Tonic Water, the perfect mixer has been created to blend smoothly with the world’s leading producer of soju, promising quality with every sip. Delicate, bubbly and with a tinge of sweetness, JINRO Tonic Water goes hand-in-hand with JINRO’s Chamisul Fresh; it is as simple as a 1:1 mixture to enjoy a refreshing concoction! The tonic water is not only complementary to the clean and smooth flavours of soju, it also blends well with hard liquors and spirits.

Beat the heat and create some of these unique, delicious and thirst-quenching cocktails at home using the 1:1 method of JINRO’s Chamisul Fresh and JINRO Tonic Water with fresh fruits:

Classic JINRO and Tonic Cocktail:
  1. Add ice cubes into a cocktail glass
  2. Pour equal parts of JINRO’s Chamisul Fresh and JINRO Tonic Water (1:1 ratio)
  3. stir well, and garnish with sliced lime and mint leaves.

JINRO TIP: Freeze JINRO Tonic Water in an ice tray and use in place of ice cubes for a cocktail with more kick!