Jinro is Back: Original Korean Soju debut in Singapore

Jinro is Back

Jinro is Back Soju debut in Singapore

Good news to all Soju lovers! Jinro is Back, the original Korean Soju is now available in bars and restaurants islandwide Singapore. Spot the blue frog! The Jinro is Back reminiscent of its iconic 1975 to 1983 iteration, featuring a sleek clear blue bottle in a newtro (‘new’ and ‘retro’) look.

Jinro is back in Singapore

The label is simple yet elegant, showcasing its traditional logo in both Korean and Hanja as well as the signature Jinro toad mascot in vibrant blue. The new Jinro is Back aiming to target a wider range of consumers. The soju is incredibly smooth and easy to drink, making it a perfect introduction to soju appreciation. In Singapore, consumers can enjoy at various bars & Korean restaurants along Tanjong Pagar and Telok Ayer.

Pair your favourite food with Jinro is Back Soju

The Soju is best served chilled and enjoyed on its own, or as a somaek – a popular Korean cocktail of soju and maekju (beer). It pairs perfectly with meaty Korean dishes such as samgyupsal (grilled pork belly) and jokbal (boiled pig’s trotters), as well as classic Chinese dishes and Asian-inspired tapas – such as Lady Wu’s signatures of Kung Po Chicken and Salted Egg Fish Skin.

Jinro is Back is produced by HiteJinro

Jinro is Back is produced by HiteJinro, South Korea’s leading manufacturer of soju. The HiteJinro is best known for the Chamisul range of fresh and fruity soju. The house of Amber Nectar is the sole authorised importer of Jinro in Singapore.

For more information, please visit: http://ambernectar.com.sg/distribution/

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 16.9%


Chinese restaurants including S-Tripes Hotpot 新九鼎, Tang Men Chuan Chuan, Tasty Loong
Bars including Lady Wu, Beer Basket Kitchen & Bar, The Public House, Honey Night, Joo Bar
Korean marts including HARINMART and Seoul Butchery
Korean restaurants including DAL-IN 2 Korean Stone (Amoy Street), Kim’s Family Korean Restaurant, Kko Kko Na Ra, O.BBa Jjajang BBQ