Jerlyn’s 21st Birthday Party


Woohoo! Most of my classmate and course-mate turning 21 this month and last weekend, attended a chalet party at Downtown east together with few of my classmate. Very thanks to Jerlyn for the warmly birthday party invitation!

It was a nice gathering straight after a day of exam! The stress from school has been over and waiting for the new semester to come. Likewise, with this party, we took down many photos to keep track the fun memories of beings poly life.

With the crowds of people that my friend had invited, i can say that it was a successful birthday party being held at downtown east chalet. *Fun fun day* hahaha… Alright, i shall now let the picture to do the talking… Is officially holiday now, what you guys doing during this 1.5 month of holiday? Hahaha…

The Birthday cake!

Jerlyn’s Birthday group pictures with her family and friends

Group pictures with poly classmate