Jay Chou The Era 2010 Concert Video


Continues updating about Jay Chou The Era Concert 2010 in Singapore. Yes!! Was a great weekend, Jay Chou just ended his [The Era Concert] (周杰倫超时代演唱会) in Singapore and i guess overall was very successful to him.

First of all, thanks to some youtube user who shared the Jay Chou The Era Concert in SG video on their youtube, while browsing and seeing some of the video, i decided to share some in my blog here…haha seat back and enjoy the success Concert! ^^


Jay Chou Playing piano song on 烟花易冷, 想你就写信 and 眼泪成诗! Freaking awesome talented guy!! haha… Oh yeah, During 第二場超时代2010演唱会 Stefanie Sun (孫燕姿) was there too to give a support on Jay Chou!

周杰倫新加坡超時代2010演唱會第二場[我不配 and 魔术先生]


Encore Song 周杰倫新加坡超時代2010演唱會[双节棍]

Hope you guys have enjoy the video above! Follow my twitter for more update now! haha… More new blog post coming up next…Stay Tune and have a nice weekdays ahead to all! 😀

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