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熊貓人 Pandamen Drama Episode 1
Hello people! Still remember my Pandamen Trailer review? Yes! Today blog post will be talking about Jay Chou latest drama 熊貓人 [Pandamen]! Is officially release on Taiwan Channel and Good News is that i finally watch finish the episode 1. haha…Feel so great because Jay Chou success in filming a drama and directed by himself too.
Pandamen drama i can say is very different from those drama you watch often. In Pandamen, it contain many cool visual and graphical effect on the character and also, animate scene was into too! haha first time watch drama with animated and real world scene combine together. *At first i tot i watch wrong show* lols…熊貓俠 and 熊猫超人 going to save the world…

Other than show nice, their theme song also nice! is written by 詹宇豪 and 弹头. Pretty like the 片尾曲 song called [最后一页] sing by 江语晨. Been repeating the song since morning! haha…well, if you guys miss the song, feel free to play the 最後一頁 MV below! Enjoy ya! ^^
Done with Episode 1, looking forward on episode 2! haha…Hope everyone enjoy watching this drama! Stay Tune for more review coming up! For Time being, you may check out some site below related to Pandamen News!
Pandamen Official Web: http://www.pandamen.org/