Japanese Style Prosperity Yu Sheng at YAYOI Singapore

Yu Sheng with Hongbao

YAYOI Singapore introduces a Japanese Style Prosperity Yu Sheng with homemade Yuzu sauce as part of the Lunar New Year celebrations for the Year of the Rabbit.

Yu Sheng

Prosperity Yu Sheng

For the first time in Singapore, YAYOI has taken inspiration from Japanese culture to create its own refreshing take on the traditional Lunar New Year delicacy. This involves the use of Japanese ingredients that help to enhance the presentation and taste of the dish.

Besides the assorted vegetable centerpiece, it includes Katsuobushi (bonito flakes), Tobiko (flying fish egg roe), Tenkasu (fried tempura bits), Kizami Nori (shredded seaweed), Beni Shoga (red pickled ginger), Takuan (daikon radish), Kinshi Tamago (shredded egg strips), Kani Kamaboko (shredded crab stick), homemade pickles and salmon sashimi.

By topping the dish with the accompanying fish crackers and homemade Yuzu Sauce, guests can taste a winning harmony of refreshing sweetness from Yuzu and savoury crunch from each bite of the Yu Sheng.

The Prosperity Yu Sheng ($39.88 ++ for 4 – 6 persons) is made fresh and in limited portions daily for dine-in only (except 21 – 23 Jan 2023).

Reservations can be made through : https://www.yayoi.sg/reservations