Janice Wong Christmas High Tea collaboration with Two Men Bagel House

Christmas High Tea

Janice Wong Christmas High Tea

Revel in the holiday spirit at 2am:dessert bar with Janice Wong’s latest Christmas High Tea, a fun collaboration with Two Men Bagel House. Set around a campfire, the new Christmas Campfire Collection invites guests to experience a sweet and smoky Christmas with a range of chocolates, cookies, cakes and bagel sandwiches. Guests can toast marshmallows, and delight in the warm campfire glow in a setup perfectly sized for their table.

Janice Wong X Two Men Bagel House

Famed for their savoury bagels, Two Men Bagel House has created an exclusive seasonal special that satisfies both savoury and sweet tooth cravings alike. Guests can enjoy the Two Men Bagel Special, featuring Smoked Pork Collar with Mop Sauce, Cheese and Marmalade. Continuing with the holiday vibe is the Cheese Fondue and Chips and the Lavender and Mint Marshmallow Smore’s.

2 Men bagel

Campfire Marshmallows

Handcrafted to bring happiness and magic to the festive season, the menu sees Janice’s signature desserts such as the Diamond Chocolate Bon Bons in assorted flavours of apple pie, pistachio and mulled wine. Items from Janice’s Larger than Life Christmas Collection also make a feature on the menu with the Christmas Hat Cake, made with raspberry pistachio and lime, and the Christmas Tree, a banana cake filled with nougat mousse and pecan.

Diamond Chocolate Bon Bons in assorted flavours

Chef and Artist Janice Wong says, “I wanted to create a memorable Christmas for people that evokes a feeling of warmth and comfort. Two Men Bagel House has been a perfect partner to create this experience. We share the same vision for what we wanted this Christmas experience to be for our guests.”

With limited seats available each day the Christmas Campfire Collection starts on 12 December and runs every weekend till 27 December 2020 at 2am:dessertbar.