Jack Neo Scandals Press Conference


Today Morning 10am, Jack Neo came out a press conference with his wife. The conference took around 3 minutes and Jack Neo wife faint on the spot after the affair scandal press conference. ‘梁智强在记者会道歉认错 梁太太晕倒现场’ as title said…

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  1. Yeah wayang,like they say 'the show must go on'…time not enough to rehearsed for this one so just study their body language.
    look into his "teary" eyes,
    that hand cover face sign,
    that under table hand held sign and
    his sobbing tone…
    Verdict : can be better lah

  2. How come Hong Kong's Tony Chan in Nina Wang's Will Dispute and our Jack Neo all have wifes who keep a blind eye about their wrongdoings? How come they still want to be their husband's shields after being so betrayed?

  3. To Anonymous: The wife still wanna be the husband's shield after being betrayed can be bcos of love and THE CHILDREN~!! Which mother wants a broken family =/

    anyway i kinda pity the wife. Some men just can't keep their hand in the pocket =/

  4. To Kristin: Maybe partly due to love. However these wives are probably most concerned with their own and her children's livelihood, as the fall of their husbands would mean the lost of their luxury life. Their choice to side with their husbands is understandable, but that does not necessarily make it laudable. Should they stood up and corrected their husbands' wrongdoings at the burgeoning stage, they and their husbands would not have ended up in such a mess they now face.

  5. the photos in other sites are more clear that both didnt have tears coming out..

    and fainted define fainted please.. u still can hear her crying..

  6. Just wanna laugh when i saw the so call press conference! he cries after 1 min of talking , then the wife talks and suddenly sob and then walk and faint! everything was rather comical and unnatural.

    And he suddenly shouts at the super top of his voice and screamed pple move off! i mean they could move what….totally staged

    aiyah….why so low.

  7. Please lar, Jack still has a song titled "nu ren (woman) de xin shen" and yet he hurts the woman most. I thought he really understands the Sporean's hearts through his movies. Why not he film a show on his own story now? That will be top-selling! I pity the wives and the children. Fortunately the eldest daughter is abroad, else she will commit suicide.

  8. No one supports your movie so you are acting in this for us ?!! Wow, better than Avatar !!! This is selling fast !!

  9. Ah nan is freaking bo liao lah. Alright for men to play a round ?!! Then better take care of yr mum and daughters.

  10. hahha, what a funny video, with funny ppl commenting. LOL!
    – i was forced to comment. hahahahhahahahahahahahahhahaha

  11. Funny and stupid video, hate the wife's expression. and jack neo deserves it! woman arent dirt or trash okay! some others who wants to trash their own life, pls go ahead, dont grag all woman down. it was all staged lor pls!

  12. damn gross. sighhhh. though i so much wanna say regconise his talents not his mistakes, i cant make myself to say tat!

    This is so hurtful to his wife & children. If u truely wanna repent you wouldnt wait until now right?
    Sigh Sigh Sigh…

    Wake up Mr Jack~

  13. 9/10 of a married guy will surely go out for an affair. It's only how good they manage to hide the affair from their wives & families.

  14. My Darling Jack! You Cheat my feelings & run away! Better run far far! Dont let me catch you! Zou Kai! Zou Kai! Zou Kai!
    miss you very much ><

  15. LOL, act i am jack neo.
    to all my fans and to all singaporeans,
    i am sorry and remorseful, please forgive me and give me one last chance, just like my movie. i will love my wife and children even more now, i promise.