Its Friday (Hpility Blog Version) and Girls Day


It’s Friday Friday! woohoo Everyone! Yeah is friday today, how you guys been doing? Today is my last week of school holiday and going to return to school on this coming Monday! Oh.. I miss my classmate!! Long time no see them already… hahaha..

Alright, today is just a simple day for me… I was listening to Rebecca Black ‘Friday’ in the morning and i decided to come out with my “own version” of Friday… So, here how it goes… lol

Yes!! Afternoon met up with Claire, Mirai and Angie for Bak Kut Teh lunch at Song Fa Bak Kut Teh stall located at Clarke Quay road. If you have followed my twitter, I been talking about bak kut teh lunch and dinner! haha yup, is one of my favourite local dish! Haha…

Since is Friday, before we end this post, I decided NOT to share the FRIDAY music video but a kpop song from Girls Day called “twinkle twinkle”. Catchy lyrics they have in their song and the music video was not bad too… Check the video below here:


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