Introducing Nanu: Free Video Call App for Everyone


Nanu, the world’s first completely free mobile app has launched today. Revolutionizing the way we call by offering free quality voice calls to everyone, everywhere.

What is so special about nanu? nanu can be used on 2G networks, unlike conventional applications that require high bandwidth 3G/4G/Wifi connections! This means a greater reachout to people who are still using 2G networks. Not only that, it provides all calls completely free! This includes non nanu users such as landlines.
How is this possible? nanu inserts a short unintrusive advertisement to play over the ringtone while you are waiting for the call. This subsides the cost of the call so you can make calls over nanu completely free!

Nanu believes that everyone should be entitled to make free phone calls, and is on a mission to give the world free unlimited mobile calls. The more people use nanu, the more free calls nanu can give away, allowing the app to eventually bring an end to phone bills as we know them.
How to use nanu? Simply go to the App Store or Google Play
or just follow this link


For more information, go to .