Hpility’s Hair Transformation at InSquare Salon


Hi Readers! Welcome back to my blog! Woohoo Guess what! Just exactly 1 more week is Hpility’s blog 4th Anniversary!! As a celebration of my blog anniversary this year, I did something changes on myself. Specially thanks to Dennis Toh from Flaunt Singapore for the wonderful arrangement at in Square Salon and thanks to William Tan for being my photographer of the day.

So… What changes? Yup! If you have followed my twitter, you guys will know that I did a hair transformation at inSquare Salon last Sunday and it was my great pleasure to meet Ivan Hoo (the creative director of inSquare Salon) in person.

About inSquare Salon:
“InSquare salon has been a household name for almost 48 years in the local hairdressing industry. It has gone from strength to strength, generation after generation of entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation and most importantly, a very personalized salon.”

Likewise, inSquare salon operating everyday from Monday to Sunday. Attracted most of their regular customers regardless any ages and sex, very casual and family style of salon and customer are feel free to take a wall picture after their haircut or another word ‘after their transformation’!

In my views, inSquare Salon has its unique way to serve their excellent service toward customers and giving customers a potential confident about their Hair Salon. The hairstylists are well-trained professionally and cool to say that, they also did hair styling for artists on events too.

After Ivan Hoo did a short introduction about his inSquare Salon team members, I was assigned to hairstylist’s Lucas Wong for the changes on my hair.

Well, I plan of the day was changing my hair colour from black to another colour else and after hearing words recommended by Ivan Hoo about my hairstyle and colour, I used it and without further do, lets see the changes here… *keep scrolling down to see the effect*

Lucas Massage my head until very shiok! lol

Camwhore! hahaha…. Many people reply my this twitpic say “I changing into an old man”… Hahaha ya i know I old.. That’s why make it more OLDER! Hahahaha… Well, while waiting for my hair to transform, let’s move on to…. William section!

Here my friend’s William! Hairstylist decided to do something on his hair and make it more trendy and stylish look. It was quick modification on William hair and here how the image looks like…

Alright, my time for hair wash was up! Washing hairs in progress while my friend taking picture for me… Feeling good and relaxing with their excellent services.

Next, hair new colour was out! Haha… I was told by Lucas to put on the revitalizing lotion to protect my hair and did a few trimming on my hair too. Their professional way of stylizing give me a great confident in awaiting my new look!

That’s the result! Hp’s new look at Hpility’s Blog! Woohoo

I pretty happy with my new hair style now! Haha although it was just a few hours work but the changes look different from the previous. Thanks Ivan Hoo, Lucas Wong for changing my hairstyle and not to forget, Serene Chan for trimming my eyes-brown! lol

Picture with Lucas Wong (Left) and Ivan Hoo (Right)

I had a great day at inSquare Salon and very appreciate too! If you want to know more about inSquare Salon, feel free to visit their official website and Facebook Page too. Below here are the location and operating time detail:

In Square Salon
Blk 24 sin ming road #01-39,
Singapore 570024

Operating Time:
Mon – Fri: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sat: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sun: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Oh Yes….! Not End Yet!
Exclusive Promotion to all my Friends and Readers Here!